• Link details will be send to the speakers every day through email
  • In the email will be two links, the second link is just in case we have problems with the first link
  • Presentations will be also transmitted through the Facebook of the SMID
  • All presentations, except the Invited talks, must be prepared for 12 minutes top. The extra 3 min will be for questions and comments
  • Virtual presentations will be through your video (mp4). Check that your video takes 12 min, and send it to isssd_papers@yahoo.com.mx at least 24 h in advance to your presentation.
  • Please, name your video as your paper ID (GX-YZ.mp4).
  • Participation certificates will be e-mailed 24 h after your presentation
  • Day and hour in the programme is based on central time in Mexico (Mexico City), check the Time zone converter.
  • Here, you can download the ISSSD 2022 schedule.

    Time zone converter


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