December 9th, 2020

  SAJO-BOHUS, L.  Probable Radon and Geogenic neutron correlation
G4_08  NAVA-CABRERA, M.A. et al., Cálculo dosimétrico del 177Lu-iPSMA y 225Ac-iPSMA a nivel cellular en un modelo de metástasis ósea
G4_09  AAMRY, A. et. al., Evaluation of occupational doses in SPECT/CT examinations
G4_10  ABDULLATIF, I. et al., Patients´tissue and organ Equivalent doses in interventional Orthopedic procedures
G5_01  RAMÍREZ, H. et al., Characterization of the auditory system by Fractional anisotropy (FA) and apparent Diffusion coefficient (ADC) by Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
G5_02  BUSHRA, A. et al., Patient´s Effective dose and performance assessment of Computed radiography systems
G5_03  CORTEZ-GALAZ, C. et al., Thermoluminescence of SrZrO3 obtained by solid state synthesis
G5_04  DIAZ-MERCHÁN, J.A. Alternative materials for bolus in radiotherapy
G5_05  SALAH, H. et al., Evaluation of patients´ radiation dose and Cancer risk associated with Computed tomography Coronary angiography
G5_06  AL-MOHAMMED, H.I. Effective and organ doses resulted from heath PET/CT-3N-NH3 procedures
G5_07  FRAGA da SILVEIRA, A.L. et al., Evaluation of inhomogeneities correction in radiotherapy treatments using MTS radiation detectors
G5_09  AL-MOHAMMED, H. et al., Estimation of breast radiogenic risk during SPECT/CT and PET/CT procedures
G5_10  CASTILLO-GARCÍA, L.J. et al., Thermoluminescence of SrB4O7 phoshors exposed to beta particle irradiation
G6_01  ALKHATEEB, S.M. et al., Is Computed tomography dose justified for diagnosing appendicitis? Accuracy of ultrasound in diagnosing appendicitis
G6_02  RIVERA VÁZQUEZ, S. et al., Design of a temporary container for neutron sources at LPN-CIEMAT
G6_03  LADINO GÓMEZ, A.M. et al., Dose profile variation in head and neck CT scan using an anthropomorphic phantom
G6_04  ANTUNES, A.M. et al., MCNPX modelling of a CdTe detector with its collimation system
G6_05  VEGA-CABRERA, B.O. et al., H*(10) and fluences in a neutron Howitzer with a 226Ra-Be source
G6_06  KUMAR YADAV, A. et al., Shielding of CT imaging facility: A Monte Carlo study

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