December 8th, 2020

  BRADLEY, D.  Sub kGy photon irradiation alterations in carbon rich media
G2_09  CASTRO-CAMPOY, A.I. et al., Afterglow-based dosimetry performance of CaSO4:Dy
G2_10  ABDUL GHANI, N.N.A.M. et al., Analysis of the physical and elemental properties of RuO2 thin film
G3_01  ORESEGUN, A. et al.,. Radioluminescence response of Ge-doped cylindrical and flat silica fibers for real-time dosimetry
G3_02  CAÑEZ-MORALES, M. et al., Synthesis and effect of milling on the thermoluminescent properties of new Ce doped ZnO phosphors
G3_03  SILVA CALHEIRO, D. et al., Study of emission and absorption spectra in &alpha-Al2O3 radiation detectors
G3_04  MHAREB, M.H.A. et al., Experimental shielding properties for a novel glassy system
G3_05  KAREM, M. et al., A new heavy-metal doped clay brick for gamma-ray protection purposes
G3_06  YASMIN, S. et al., Thermoluminescence features of decorative building material marble for using retrospective accident dosimetry
G3_07  ICHOJA, A. et al., Enhancement of optical properties of Dysprosium ion in Samarium activated Strontium Magnesium borate glasses
G3_08  ALYAHYAWI, A. & BRADLEY, D.A. Characterization of silica-based glass for use in medical applications
G3_09  PORTELA, C.F.T. et al., Dose profile evaluation of a 6 MV beam in a field of 5x5 cm2
G3_10  NUHU, H. et al., Outdoor radón, thoron and terrestial gamma radiation measurements and estimation of radiation dose in Perak Malaysia
G4_01  TORRES-CORTÉS, C.O. et al., Estimación de la dosis absorbida de dos boratos termoluminiscentes ante neutrones monoenergéticos
G4_02  SAYYED, M.I. et al., Gamma radiation transmission factor and attenuation features studies of Li2O-B2O3-P2O5-TeO2 glass systems using MCNP5 Monte Carlo code
G4_03  SANTOS, F.S. & PRATA MOURAO, A. Dose evaluation of head CT scans using phantom for optimization protocols
G4_04  SULIEMAN, A. et al., Pediartic Effective doses and radiogenic risk from Computed tomography examinations in Saudi Arabia
G4_05  PÉREZ, P. et al., Evaluation of Fricke gel dosimeter layers for stereotactic radiosurgery
G4_06  ALNAAIMI, M. et al., Estimation of patient organ and Effective doses in PET/CT in Kuwait
G4_07  PEÑA VIDAL, J.D. et al., Distribución de la tasa de partículas de un tubo de rayos X de ánodo rotatorio utilizando MCNP

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