In the aim to increase the visibility of your research, the in-extenso papers will be uploaded into the International Nuclear Information System, (INIS) of the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA. According to our previous experience we expect that the individual papers will be at the INIS at the end of december 2017.

Authors also have the option to postulate their papers for publication in the special issue of Applied Radiation and Isotopes. For this, it is necessary had been properly registered and that the work was presented during the ISSSD 2017. In order to publish your work in Applied Radiation and Isotopes the manuscript must be prepared in english, according to the journal guide for authors, and to follow the journal reviewing process.

You can check the previous editions of ISSSD published in Radiation Effects & Defects in Solids and in Applied Radiation and Isotopes.

Rad Eff Def Sol
162(10-11) (2007)
Rad Eff Def Sol
164(4) (2009)
App Rad Isot
71 (2012)
Appl Rad Isot
83 (2014)
Appl Rad Isot
100 (2015)
Appl Rad Isot
117 (2016)

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