ISSSD 2018 fees


Before August 16th

On site


$ 180.00 (US dollars)

$ 200.00 (US dollars)

Student without paper

30.00 (US dollars)

40.00 (US dollars)


No fee

No fee


The early payment (due date August 15th) must be done by transfer to:

Account owner: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Account number: 4324223
Clabe: 002180032943242235

  Send a copy of your transfer to Dr. Juan Azorin Nieto (, in your mail include the data for your invoice, such as:

Complete name to whom the invoice must be addressed
The postal address
E-mail for sending the invoice.

Please send an e-mail to Dr Juan Azorin ( for pre-registration. In the topic of your mail include Pre-register ISSSD 2016. In your e-mail body include your full name (given and family name) that will be used for the ISSSD ID, name of your institution of job center and indicate if you are attending as student (must have a valid student ID).

A certificate will be extended for papers being presented during the ISSSD. If a certificate of attendance is needed please request it in the registration desk.


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