The Mexican Society of Irradiation and Dosimetry, SMID, is pleased to announce


ISSSD 2019

which will be held, from 7 to 11 October, at the city of Zacatecas, Zac. Mexico.


The ISSSD 2019 aims are:
  • To constitute an open discussion space about the knowledge, updated progress, and innovations in the Solid State Dosimetry and its applications.
  • To promote the exchange of scientific information among, national and international, scientists, researchers, professors, faculty, professionals, technicians, and students working in the field of radiation dosimetry.
  • To improve the specialization, and the update, of professionals working in radiation dosimetry.
  • To contribute in the formation of young scientists in the field of radiaton dosimetry.

Abstracts can be written in English or Spanish using the ISSSD 2019 template. Send your abstract to: In your email, indicate in what format you would like to make your presentation (Oral or Poster). We encourage to students to select Poster format, and professionals to select Oral format. Abstracts will be refereed by the scientific committee; therefore, we recommend sending your abstract as earlier as possible.


You can download the triptych, and the poster, of the ISSSD 2019.

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