Abstracts submission

  1.   There is no fee for participate or to attend the ISSSD 2021.

  2.   Prepare your abstract using the ISSSD 2021 template.

  3.   The abstract can be in English or Spanish language.

  4.   From March 22 to August 15, 2021 send your abstract to: isssd_papers@yahoo.com.mx.

  5.   Abstracts will be refereed by the ISSSD 2021 International Scientific Committee.

  6.   From April 1 to September 5, 2021 the in-extenso papers must be submitted to be included in the ISSSD 2021 e-proceedings.

  7.   Instructions, and templete, to prepare the in-extenso papers will be submitted with the acceptance letter.

  8.   Presented papers will have the option to be sent to   Applied Radiation and Isotopes   for publication in the special issue.


  •   Thermoluminescent materials.
  •   Applications of thermoluminescense (dosimetry, dating, industrial, etc.)
  •   Dosimetry (environmental, personal, internal, external, etc.)
  •   Radiation protection
  •   Radiobiology
  •   Radiation sources
  •   Medical physics
  •   Ionizing and no ionizing radiation


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